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Freelance App Developer in Barcelona

Sven Kohn is a freelance app developer and 2D & 3D graphic designer based in Barcelona, Spain. Sven has over 15 years experience in the design and development of high quality 2D & 3D cross-platform applications, games and tools. He is a skilled programmer and has experience working with numerous development platforms, game engines, SDKs and frameworks. Sven is also a talented 2D & 3D graphic artist with the capacity to design gorgeous user interfaces and 3D graphics. Sven can build anything from simple Android / iOS apps to complex 3D virtual reality games with AAA graphics.

Sven has developed numerous custom apps, as well as 2D & 3D games for major international corporations. He has also developed his own range of award-winning commercial software title such as CINEVEO - VR Cinema, iCamSpy, JogStar and CAMCOM Chat.

App & Game Development Services

Sven has the capacity to design and develop entire cross-platform software titles from an idea to deployment ready. He is a talented 2D & 3D graphic artist, as well as and an expert programmer fluent in 10+ programming languages. Sven also has a strong level of experience in sound effect, music and video production.

• App design and development (Android / iOS)

• 2D & 3D game design and development (Android / iOS)

• Applications and tools (Windows)

• 2D & 3D game design and development (Windows)

• Web applications and backends

• 2D & 3D web browser games

• PC platform virtual reality apps & games (Oculus Rift & HTC Vive)

• Mobile platform virtual reality apps & games (Google Cardboard & Gear VR)

If you are interested in working with Sven to develop your next software title, please don’t hesitate to contact him for availability and rates.

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